Moritz Muehlenhoff wrote:
> Paul Pogonyshev wrote:
> > Will you accept a patch that will switch Freebooters to using
> > Automake and Autoconf?  I volunteer to do this.
> Improvements for the build system are very welcome (e.g. support
> for building outside the src directory), but switching
> it to the autotools won't happen. 
> automake isn't overly useful at all and autoconf is way too
> bloated. I have too many hassles with the autotools in my
> job that I would carry that burden if I have the choice.

Well, I offered help, because I had to edit `Makefile' in order
to install CVS freeboters (`[a-z]*' matches `CVS', which is a
directory and won't install).  Automake allows one to avoid such
things easily and automates certain tasks like generating a
distribution tarball or making tags.

My opinion is that "4. Edit the Makefile" is not an acceptable
phrase for a project's README.  But it's your project after all.


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