Freebooters 0.2.1 has just been released. The main changes:

* Gameplay configuration subsystem (gameplay parameters are configurable
  through gameplay-parameters.conf)
* Menu improvements (selection of subitems with the mouse, optimizations)
* Improved sailing dynamics (by Paul Damer)
* Savegames from 0.2.1 are incompatible with the ones from 0.2.0

Work is progressing to implement free navigation for the 0.3 release.
It will be in 3D using the ogre engine. You'll need an accellerated
video card (with moderate demands, old models like MGA200 should be

Work for this we be progressing in the HEAD branch, expect some 3D
related code in the CVS soon. Help is very welcome. If you are interested
in modeling with Blender coordinate with Kabutor, please.


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