Paul Damer wrote:
> I just downloaded freebooters .2.  This game looks like it has alot of
> potential.  I would like to work on improving the seabattle code and game 
> play.
>  I sail occasionally and the sails in the game don't always seem to work 
> right. 

That sounds very good. The current sail "physics" are only a very rough
lubber's estimation of sail physics. :-)

> Also I have a few feature comments, what do you think about having cannons on
> both sides of the ship?  Have you thought about firing 3 little balls instead 
> of
> 1 big one?  These are just ideas for discussion.

Initially we chose only one side to make the game more difficult. But dual
sided cannons would definitely be an improvement, especially as a bonus
for advanced ships like the frigate. Three smaller bullets would be possible
as well, this would probably be just two more Shots instantiations. The
collision detection should be improved as well, ideally pixel perfect.

> Finally what is the best way for me to submit patches?

I haven't decided which version management we should use for the public
repository. If we stick with tla you could work in a separate branch that
would be merged back into mainline or if we use CVS you could either send
unified diffs or get write access.

I'll setup a changes-list as well that sends out mails with CVS changes,
that's pretty useful.


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