Kabutor wrote:
> This one was a very slow week, too busy, anyway, here cames the updates.

My notebook's power supply broke, so I'm a bit constricted right now as well.

> I just made a texture image for the sloop, so it could be easily changed 
> the look, have a look at this http://www.pccable.es/images/uvmap.jpg , 
> in the right window is the hull "striped" to left side, right side, rear 
> view, and top view, like a quake model skin.

Great. BTW, there are some GPL textures available at

I'll think I'll setup a little link list in the next days. I'm half through
the parametrization of the gameplay features. This means that all gameplay
features of freebooters 0.2.1 will be tunable without recompilation just by
editing gameplay-parameters.conf.

> I made a render of one sprite http://www.pccable.es/images/sloo1.tga, 
> but as always it didnt look "right", is a bit too dark and small (I use 
> the 70x70 size), I'm going to remove all the dinamic lighting to the 
> model and do it shadeless so it becomes more shiny, so I just need to 
> know which colors you want for the hull sprites and I'll do them.

In the current model the ship models are color-keyed and exchangable,
to distiunguish them better for multiplayer mode, but I guess we can
drop that and stick to classic wood-like textures and colors.

> I also render a rear view of the hull with the new "skin" (only draw one 
> window) but have a look http://www.pccable.es/images/3dsloo1.jpg

Neat, once 3D is up and running we could have a dynamic camera that
stays isometric during the fight and which zooms into the sinking ships.

> I've been "playing" with ogre3d to try to see some of the models in 3D, 
> but I struck a problem with it, but anyway, Ogre only gives 3D graphics 
> engine, didn't have any collision system, I think could be added via 
> plugins, but the dependencies for anyone who want to compile the game + 
> coliision + freebooters  looks really complex...

Could you upload one of the ship models as .blend? I'd like to experiment
with crystalspace once my exams are finished.


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