kabutor wrote:
> >In the current model the ship models are color-keyed and exchangable,
> >to distiunguish them better for multiplayer mode, but I guess we can
> >drop that and stick to classic wood-like textures and colors.
> >
> Umh, well I don't know how to make that "color-key" thing, I'll try to 
> look for some information about it.. :)

You don't need to do anything, it's just a specific color out of the
color set that gets changed to make it easier to distinguish Player1
and Player2.

> Well, anyway, I'll upload one zip with 3 models, barcov2-3.blend is the 
> sloop model, md2.blend is a cannon model, and canon20.blend is the one I 
> recomend you to use, is a simple canon, with the uvmapping already done, 
> so you can export them easily. http://www.pccable.es/images/sloop.zip 
> (270kb Blender 2.33a) Because at the moment the sloop model is split in 
> several meshes, the flags, the hull etc, haven't tested it in any 3d 
> engine, more than probably it needs some rework before exporting it to 
> any format (also removing the cannons in the deck, because those are a 
> lot of polygons).

Okay, thanks.

> BTW, I just tested plib, loads fine the model, but don't really see that 
> is going to mix well with SDL, also I read some complains about using 
> glut for the rendering and so.. so I think I'm going to test Irrlicht, 
> Im looking forward to your experiences with crystalspace so I can start 
> testing the models for the ingame, wich I think are going to need some 
> redraw, or maybe redone from scratch again, but not till you choose the 
> rendering engine or stay in 2D.
Okay, but this might take some time, there are some pending exams that
need to be sorted out.


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