I'm spanish but don't know exactly wich one is, I'm looking for it, I try to keep you posted.
Thanks, I guess a "historical correctness rating" of 92% is good enough :-)


We should have a look, whether we can find a similar map in the public
domain or repaint it. One of the design goals of Freebooters is to make
it 100% free software including the artwork which should be freely

Yeh, I know, i din't mean to ask to copy that, just to have a look..

That's very useful. My current plan for the release after 0.2 is to
work on the game mechanics. For the 0.4 release the current map system
will be replaced with a freely navigatable map like the original "Pirates!".

Great News.. :)

Maybe i try to paint a new ship for the game, no promises (anyway I'm not really good at painting)
Your help is very welcome. I guess the ship sprites should be raytraced
like the current one, otherwise it's too difficult to paint all the animation
phases (it's 36 sprites per ship!). It would be very good if Freebooters 0.3
had improved ship graphics that reflect the ship types.

Raytraced? You mean 3D models to make snaps of 2D sprites?

Some thoughts:
Painted sprites will be very useful for the navigatable map later on
for things like little harbours on the map and such.

Umh. I can try to make some models in Blender if that should be useful, Im not good at anything, not expert so if any of you is good at 3D or painting tell me so I can save some hours ;)

I'm currently working on improved menus for 0.2 and could use some
sprites for a kind of status bar as well. (Some kind of chest that
represents the player's gold and some kind of cargo boxes that represent
the current cargo load of the ship). Give it a try if you like.

My pixelart is a bit poor, but,

That size? smaller? I have a ready made barrel that size that with a wooden box could do fine to cargo icon..

Ah! If you don't like it, tell me, my ego is not a problem :) Better that than spend hours doing graphics for nothing .

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