Our rapidly developing company have been in business for over 7 years,
 mostly specializing in the provision of reliable and high quality service 
correlated with Internet trading,
 brokerage and investments' management.

   Due to continued growth in the trading/brokerage sphere,
 we're currently conducting a recruitment process (without any territorial 
 gathering experienced and highly motivated individuals, to fill the 
"Project Accountant" vacancy.
 We're confident that we'll be able to provide a comfortable working 
 to perform objectives and assignments on a daily basis.
 Additionally, we always pursue to betterment the working conditions,
 in order to maintain personnel's positive work attitude and satisfaction level.

 To your convenience,
 we're providing a detailed review of requirements/benefits information right 

 'Project Accountant':
 "How experienced an applicant should be?" -- that's the question, we're 
hearing time from time.
 In our notion, a candidate should possess the following characteristics:
   -Flexibility and interpersonal skills are highlighted as a top-priority 
    which in most of the time, lead to a successful relationship between the 
employer and the candidate.
   -Clear vision of valuable goals, an individual wants to achieve.
   -High attitude and motivation level.
   -College level education.
   -Fundamental knowledge of PC programs (MS Word, Excel, etc.)
   -Aged 21 or older.

 *Previous experience in finance/accounting is not a mandatory requirement.

   As you can see, an applicant mustn't be idle/prone to learning the company's 
 and understanding the problems he will cope with on a daily basis.
 This post, requires you to maintain yourself sensitive and
 promptly-ready to familiarize with the issue,
 and "jump into" the problem-solving.

 We're presenting a brief "insight" on the specific aspects of the work, 
towards which,
 future employees will have to direct their persistence and cooperation:
   -Determining and managing any issues in the peculiar sphere of an assignment.
   -Coordination with other personnel, when your collected financial data might 
be necessary.
   -Execution and management of domestic transactions.
   -Ability to proceed with multiple tasks.

   You might not be familiar with the lingo or the actions a Project Accountant
 needs to perform on a daily basis, however we're providing an excellent level
 of training and guidance during the first month (30 days trial period) of work.
 Furthermore, an employee is eligible to receive our outstanding benefits plan,
 assuring satisfactory work and great atmosphere:
   -Tuition reimbursement.
   -Wellness program.
   -Competitive wage: a span between $2,000-4,500 (will be based upon your 
productivity level).

 *In order to apply or obtain more information, please mail us: 

   We feel that anyone, possessing high determination and motivation level,
 can master the skills, necessary to become a successful 'Project Accountant'.
 Our efficient support structure, can provide valuable answers and further 
 during your training period, making the vacancy truly a "sweet bite"
 opportunity for those willing to persistently climb the steps of a successful 
 We feel there are a lot of folks, with undiscovered talent and ambitions,
 powerful enough to ensure stable and entertaining work.
 We're anxiously in await to speaking with every applicant,
 and we strongly value your response and feedback.

   Respectfully and with best regards,
 David Grove.
 HR department @ Helios company.

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