On Tue, 6 Apr 2010, Bartosz Fabianowski wrote:
 > > I think some of the frequencies, provided by acpi_throttle and TCC are
 > > slowing down your machine without really cooling the CPU.
 > After a couple of days of testing, I believe this did the trick. I reduced
 > the number of frequencies as per Alexandre's tip. I also swapped _PSV and
 > _CRT for good measure (_PSV is now 85°C and _CRT 95°C).
 > I just rebuilt OpenOffice.org, using a parallel build that stresses all
 > cores. The machine did not overheat. The highest temperature it reached was
 > 84°C for a few minutes. This is still high but not too high.

A result, good.

 > I will try hoovering the air vents and keep my eye on things. If they stay
 > stable from here, I will not be bothering with Dell support.

Great.  I'd still like to know what your remaining frequencies are, as I 
couldn't correlate your previous full set with the throttling N * 12.5%?

cheers, Ian
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