Dear all,

I'm running FreeBSD 8.1/amd64 on a Thinkpad X201 (Intel Core i5 CPU with Intel 
integrated graphics). Everything works great except that there is a problem 
with the display when resuming after suspend. I was wondering if someone could 
offer some advice on whether it would be possible to get this working, and if I 
could help by providing any relevant information. The hardware on this machine 
is pretty new, but it would be great to get it working :-) I started discussing 
this a while back on the freebsd-mobile mailing list, but couldn't find a 
workable solution. The original discussion is here .

The current situation is that the machine will su´╗┐spend using acpiconf -s 3 and 
it will also resume. The problem is that the LCD display does not resume 
correctly after suspend - instead it just stays black. I've been randomly 
tweaking various things, and get slightly different results. Sometimes the 
display stays black in the sense the display is still completely switched off. 
Othertimes, I think the display switches on, but nothing is displayed, so that 
the display is on but showing nothing except a black background. However, I can 
still type blind and e.g. shutdown/restart the machine.

It may help to know that suspend/resume works perfectly under the latest Ubuntu 
10.04, without any special configuration. I've also updated this machine to the 
latest BIOS from Lenovo. I've made available a file containing the output or 
contents of /boot/loader.conf, /etc/rc.conf, dmesg, devinfo -vr, acpidump -td, 
and sysctl -a. This file can be downloaded from . I hope somebody will be able to 
help! At this stage, I'd be very grateful for any suggestions either on how to 
fix the problem myself, or on how to provide the right information to this list 
to help others to fix it. Right now, it's only suspend/resume that's keeping me 
from using FreeBSD as my work OS on a daily basis.

Incidentally, does anyone know if 9-CURRENT would support my Thinkpad better 
than 8.1?



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