2010/10/7 Andriy Gapon <a...@freebsd.org>:
> Here's a patch for acpi_ec that is developed in cooperation with David Naylor 
> who
> also did all the testing:
> http://people.freebsd.org/~avg/acpi_ec.2.patch
> The patch quite aggressively changes a few things and tries to make logic more
> robust with respect to EC behavior.
> I ask everybody, who is able to help, to test the patch, please.
> I am interested in all kinds of reports.
> If your EC "misbehaves", then there is a chance that the patch will fix that.
> If your EC works fine, then make sure that I don't break it with the patch.
> Short description of the changes:
> - attempt to retry some commands for which it is possible (read, query)
> - always make a short sleep before checking EC status in polled mode
> - periodically poll EC status in interrupt mode
> - change logic for detecting broken interrupt delivery and falling back to 
> polled mode
> - check that EC is ready for input before starting a new command, wait if 
> necessary
> Big thanks in advance.

I think you should remeber my problem with acpi and battery, well this
patch has solved it :)
If you want some additional config files just write which one, becouse
as you know i'm new user.

Thanks a lot!
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