on 17/11/2010 20:43 Andriy Gapon said the following:
> I want to do MFC of ACPICA imports to stable/8 before 8.2 release.
> This would obviously include commits that fix mismerges or remove obsolete 
> code.
> Plus some other small enhancements/fixes in our ACPI code.
> This is what I currently have:
> svn status:   http://people.freebsd.org/~avg/acpi-stable-8.txt
> svn diff:     http://people.freebsd.org/~avg/acpi-stable-8.diff
> svn log ...:  http://people.freebsd.org/~avg/acpi-stable-8.log
> Please note that the svn diff above can not be used with patch(1), because of 
> some
> svn peculiarities related to files in vendor area.
> Here's a plain diff that should be more useful:
> http://people.freebsd.org/~avg/acpi-stable-8.plain.diff

The file at the above URLs have been updated to include missed import of ACPICA
Many thanks to Alexandre "Sunny" Kovalenko and Jung-uk Kim for discovering and
analyzing the issue.

> I will appreciate any testing and reviews.
> Mobile users who track stable/8 would be the primary candidates, I guess :-)
> Thanks a lot!

The above still holds.
Andriy Gapon
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