on 15/02/2011 19:28 deloff_t said the following:
>  Hi,
> I'm searching someone who can be a mentor on this subject (I would like to do 
> GSoC 2011, I'm trying to get ahead with EFI):
> "Finish EFI support on the i386/amd64 ports. Final work should be able to 
> boot a FreeBSD kernel into single user mode, at least."
> I contacted Rui Paulo who was the contact but he's not longer available and 
> he suggests me to ask on mailing list.
> I think that its the most appropriate mailing list for my issue.
> I'm going to begin to search some documentations on EFI and boot process in 
> general.
> If you have some advices, they'll be welcome ! :)

Not sure if you picked the best mailing list.

Andriy Gapon
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