This belongs in freebsd-questions unless you have reasonable grounds
to believe the problem is ACPI related.

On 2011-Jul-15 17:49:17 -0700, Mygamejw <> wrote:
>I recently got FreeBSD 8.1 for a present

Note that FreeBSD 8.1 has been superceded by FreeBSD 8.2, which is
available for download from (eg)

Do you know which FreeBSD 8.1 image you have?

> The issue I am having is related to a possible  
>hacker who has gotten into her system.

That's unlikely unless you burnt the CD/DVD on that system and it
was corruted by malware on the system.

>yet. I wanted to ask before I do because of my inexperience with  
>FreeBSD. Any time that I try to boot the pc after pressing #6 option I  
>get a crash notice saying the following at the end of a massive reset  

Is there a reason you are using option #6 instead of allowing it to
boot normally?

>init: not found in path  /sbin/init:/sbin/

I'm not sure if that's what was displayed or you've mis-typed the
message but the correct path is:
(and it should be loading /stand/sysinstall)

I suspect you either have a corrupt CD/DVD image or (possibly) are
using the bootonly image instead of one of the installation images.
If you have a valid installation image, the screen or so of output
prior to that message would help with debugging - you could take a
digital photo of the screen and post a link.

Peter Jeremy

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