El 10 d’abril de 2012 0:31, Doug Barton <do...@freebsd.org> ha escrit:
> On 04/09/2012 13:59, Robert Millan wrote:
>> El 9 d’abril de 2012 18:53, Nate Lawson <n...@root.org> ha escrit:
>>> Fine by me. The rc framework or user should be the one to interpret the 
>>> error code and realize that it's ok that it's not running (not supported).
>> Committed then, thanks for reviewing.
> Have you verified how rc.d handles this new error? If changes are
> necessary a friendly message to freebsd-rc@ would be in order ....

I don't think any changes are necessary.  It uses the generic routine
in rc.subr, which gives the same treatment to all non-zero exit codes.
 Maybe it'd be a good idea to treat it differently (at least this is
what we did in Debian), but for FreeBSD I'm probably not the most
indicate to change behaviour on that area.

I'm adding freebsd-rc to CC in case someone wants to apply this kind of change.

Robert Millan
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