While setting up my old netbook for its new role as a home server I
discovered the acpi_asus module, which adds ACPI support for various Asus
laptops including the EeePC line. My netbook is the MK90, an 8.9" device
better known as the Disney Netpal.  While not generally listed among its
more conventionally decorated siblings I'm fairly confident that the
hardware is very similar to other 9" EeePCs. The default XP installation
comes with the same configurability as other models, the main difference is
that this one is built sturdier and has a Mickey pattern which shouldn't
interfere with power management too much. Even so, it is not listed as
supported by acpi_asus, nor does the hw.acpi.asus tree show up in sysctl
when I load the module.

It'd be really nice if I could turn off the display while my netbook sits
in a cupboard day and night, so as suggested in acpi_asus.c I'm emailing to
request that you try and implement this. I understand that this old thing
may not be of particularly high priority right now, so if there's any data
I can provide or code I can test I'll gladly help. If it may speed things
up, I have at least enough experience with C to move some values around.

Thank you for listening,

Dominic van Berkel
"You don't have conversations with microprocessors. You tell them what to
do, then helplessly watch the disaster when they take you literally." -
David Brin, Startide Rising
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