I have a question about the following block in acpi_cpu_idle:
     * Look up our CPU id to get our softc.  If it's NULL, we'll use C1
     * since there is no ACPI processor object for this CPU.  This occurs
     * for logical CPUs in the HTT case.
    sc = cpu_softc[PCPU_GET(cpuid)];
    if (sc == NULL) {

I believe that a part of the comment that singles out HTT is certainly incorrect
for modern and non-buggy ACPI tables.
But in general, should we expect (and support) ACPI platforms where some real
CPUs (which have to be advertised via ACPI [modulo non-MADT, mptable-only
systems]) do not have corresponding Processor objects in DSDT?
Does acpi_pcpu_get_id provide such support?
Or can the code in question be just replaced with KASSERT?

Thank you in advance.
Andriy Gapon

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