On Thu, 10 Jan 2013 14:40:24 -0500, Jason Selwitz wrote:

 > Hello I thought I would write and see if anyone had any suggestions on
 > this problem.. for the most part an S3 suspend works the way it should
 > with one problem.. the system will not resume keyboard input, either via
 > USB or PS/2 the keyboard gets power again and it responds to minor
 > things like numlock and cabs lock but the system does not register any
 > text input. I'm running Freebsd 9.1 release. I have included a dmesg and
 > can supply an acpidump in needed, if someone has any other suggestions I
 > would be happy to try anything thanks!

I don't know if any of the ACPI error messages in your basic dmesg are 
relevant to this issue, or not.

It could be helpful to see the tail of dmesg, after booting with verbose 
logging, from before to after a suspend / resume cycle.  Among those 
messages will be RESET_KBD (and TEST_AUX_PORT and RESET_AUX, perhaps).  
These messages also appear after resume in /var/log/debug.log if verbose 
logging is enabled, and of course also in /var/log/messages.

A verbose dmesg would also show initial keyboard initialisation, perhaps 
a clue there?  Given you have two hdac devices, you'll almost certainly 
need to increase kern.msgbufsize from 64K to maybe twice that to get a 
full verbose dmesg, as kbd initialisation occurs very early.

cheers, Ian
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