I am trying to make suspend / resume work on my Asus N53JQ.

My first problem comes from the fact that I boot from gpt partitioned
USB stick which contains only bootcode and /boot partition, the rest of
the system is on geli encrypted local HDD. Setup is similar to the one
described here:

I need to kldunload usb in rc.suspend, and then again kldload it in
rc.resume. After resuming, mount shows da0p2 mounted at /USBboot as
it was before suspending, and /USBboot/boot is symlinked to /boot.
However, cd and ls under these mountpoints behave strangely, with
files missing. It is not possible to remount da0p2 as it reports
unclean filesystem needing fsck.

Any suggestions how I can make this work?

Marko Cupańá

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