On 25 January 2013 14:51, Kevin Oberman <kob6...@gmail.com> wrote:
> There are several threads in the archives of acpi@ and mobile@
> discussing this. Most things are pretty easy. Use xev to find the
> events generated by the volume buttons.

I'm handling the volume keys with xbindkeys.

>  Mute and the ThinkLight (if
> your system has one) should work as is.

Mute does not function - I am using xbindkeys to handle it.  The
"video" key generates no event.

> Brightness is a bit bigger issue as Lenovo has completely revamped it
> These buttons don't generate events. :-(

Where *should* they be handled?   How do they work on windows?

FWIW they seem to change hw.acpi.video.brightness, but change nothing
visible on the screen.

> You can install the acpi_call
> port and use it to set the brightness, but it is a pain as it does not
> allow for setting incremental changes, only absolute values.(16 of
> them).

Any pointers for what to look at? I have no idea what I'm doing w.r.t.
computers ^W ACPI.

> Google for "FreeBSD acpi x220 notes". That should find the thread with
> the details.

I've been reading the thread and I think I may need a little bit more
information / handholding while I figure this out

Eitan Adler
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