Yes! I now have working suspend/resume building xorg using the updated ports and compile options that Gleb Smirnoff kindly pointed me at.

No xorg.conf is needed and all acpi options are as default. It seems to work correctly both with and without acpi_video and acpi_ibm in the kernel. It's still necessary to compile out 'options VESA' from the kernel, otherwise resume fails entirely.

I also observe the issue that Gleb Smirnoff mentions below, that the xorg server is quite slow after result. Using 'xterm -sb' and moving the scrollbar up and down very fast, I was able to able to get the xorg process up to ~20% of CPU. On casual observation, it didn't seem to get worse after several suspend/resume cycles.

Definitely suspend/resume are working and amazingly fast compared to 8.2 (though running on a much older machine).

Thanks to all for the useful suggestions!


On 08/29/13 16:22, Adrian Chadd wrote:

What's the result of all of this? Laura - do you have functioning
suspend/resume with xorg now?


On 28 August 2013 08:03, Gleb Smirnoff <gleb...@freebsd.org
<mailto:gleb...@freebsd.org>> wrote:


       according to your Xorg.log PCI device ID of your video card exactly
    matches mine 8086:0166:17aa:21f9, so it should work.

       It looks like versions of Xorg and Xorg Intel driver installed from
    packages are too old, and this is the biggest difference between your
    setup and mine. You are running Xorg 1.7.7.

       This is what I run:

    glebius@think:~:|>pkg info xorg-server xf86-video-intel

       To get these packages you need to update your ports tree, put
    these lines into /etc/make.conf:


       , and reinstall xorg-server and xf86-video-intel from ports. You'd
    probably need to rebuild all xorg drivers like mouse and keyboard,
    to make them compatible with new server version.

       If this isn't enough I can send my xorg.conf and kernel config. But
    I hope default configs should be fine.

       Now bad news :) Last major Xorg update in ports, which happened
    of months ago, introduced a regression: xorg performs very slowly after
    resume. If the server process is restarted, then a new one performs
    So this looks like xorg issue, not FreeBSD kernel problem.

    On Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 02:48:04PM +0200, Laura Marie Feeney wrote:
    L> Thanks!  I think that X1 and Carbon are different names, as
    Lenovo seems
    L> to use them quite interchangably (perhaps for different countries?).
    L> This isn't an X1 Touch, which surely has non-trivial differences
    for the
    L> touchscreen.

    X1 and X1 Carbon are really different, I owned both. Yep, both work with

    Totus tuus, Glebius.
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