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mo> =====
mo> /*
mo>  * Allow the user to tune the maximum number of tasks we may enqueue.
mo>  */
mo> static int acpi_max_tasks = ACPI_MAX_TASKS;
mo> TUNABLE_INT("debug.acpi.max_tasks", &acpi_max_tasks);
mo> =====
mo>     But, I cannot write this sysctl tunable. That is "unknown oid".

 "TUNABLE_INT" defines a loader tunable, not a sysctl variable.  To
 set the value, you need to enter the following line in the loader(8)
 prompt or put it into /boot/loader.conf:


mo> (6) If I have to re-compile the GENERIC kernel, where should I define
mo> ACPI_MAX_TASKS ? /etc/make.conf? kernel configuration file? or
mo> acpivar.h ?

 A kernel configuration file can include this option.  The following
 should also work:

 options        ACPI_MAX_TASKS=32

-- Hiroki

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