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I have a laptop with FreeBSD 10-BETA4 AMD64. When the power is lost it automatically reduces screen brightness. But when the power comes back, the brightness does not return to a normal level. Fn + BrightUP key do not help. I have no other auto power saving set up except powerd_enable="yes" in /etc/rc.conf

The only way to return brightness to a normal level now is to reboot. How I can fix that?

You could try to kldload acpi_video.

# kldload acpi_video
# sysctl -a | grep brightness

should show up a key which you can use to set the brightness.

# sysctl hw.acpi.video.lcd0.brightness=100

For some vendors (e.g. Lenovo) there are custom modules with their own brightness setting keys:

# kldload acpi_ibm
# sysctl -a | grep brightness

If none of this are working, you might want to try out ports/sysutils/acpi_call and directly calling an ACPI method to increase or set the brightness. This was btw the only way it is working for my Lenovo X121e and E330.

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