Sorry about the multiple postings. Posting so much information via email,
is quite mess sometimes.
I am not doing it everyday. The last mail was double send because I was not
sure if I sent it!

So. We made everything we could make. Right? At least on power management.
I guess with lid close etc, I could get some more minutes of power.

Now I must solve the acpi_ibm and the brightness problem. My brightness is
just not working.
If I press brightness button the brightness drops to 50% and stays over
there even after reboot!

To get some extra power, I must fix the option to increase / decrease the
The good news is that there is an fn key working like hardware button that
on / off completely the screen

Never mind. I want to thank you all for helping me on my problem and
understood my impatience to run my favorite OS on my laptop.

With respect and appreciation

George Ember.

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