On 09/17/15 14:39, Dan Lukes wrote:
> Colin Percival wrote:
>> I considered that option but thought that disabling suspend completely
>> would be better in case it was triggered by something else
> You has been affected by LID issue - and here I'm with you.

Ok.  But adjusting the sysctl might not be enough; KDE has a "suspend
when lid closed" setting which seems to be broken right now, but if it
worked we would need to figure out how to disable that as well.

> Suspend triggered by exhausted battery case needs to be evaluated
> carefully. Battery may be so exhausted so shutdown will not be
> completed. Note that some system (hardware) require no power to maintain
> suspend context, thus suspend may save system.
> And what about other reasons for suspends ? I can tell nothing about all
> those cases. Suspend may be triggered for any reason, thus so many
> possible causes. I can't claim all of them are illegitimate and can be
> safely ignored. I wish we should have stronger reason for system global
> behavior change than just feeling (no offense!).

The example of a system which can usefully suspend but doesn't have enough
battery life left to allow it to complete a normal shutdown seems a bit
implausible, but I'll concede that it's theoretically possible.  Maybe we
should have an rc.d script which checks an rc.conf setting?

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