I have two lenovo thinkpad x201 laptops. They are almost identical except one
has an i5 M520 @2.40 GHz and 4GB memory and the other an i5 M540 @2.53 GHz and
8GB memory. They both have the latest BIOS (1.40)

I'm using the M520 for testing 11.0. At some point I wanted to see if I
could get suspend/resume to work. On 10.3 I never got beyond a kernel panic
in the video driver during suspend.

And that's when things got weird. At the moment rebooting takes an extra 30
seconds of no activity and poweroff just hangs. Suspend results in a weird
state where the suspend light is on, the laptop doesn't do anything, but the
screen is still on.

To be absolutely sure that this was not caused by some BIOS settings I swapped
harddisks with the other laptop, which is running 10.3.

To my surprise, 10.3 also has the reboot and poweroff problems on the M520.
And with 11.0 on the M540, reboot and poweroff work fine. Suspend also works
fine, (resume doesn't, the screen stays black after a resume).

I reset the BIOS settings of the M520, no change.

And another weird thing, during an early version of 11, either BETA4 or RC1,
suspend did work on the M520.

Any hints on how to debug this?
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