On 270505, 14:46, Bruno Gallant wrote:
> Thank you!  Now that _is_ a constructive counter-argument.
> It's true that mambo server is a basic utility, but you need to
> transfer only a single directory, and dump a single database and
> transfer this.  A simple script can do that. How many mirrors does the
> project have?  I don't see a real problem unless there is over a
> thousand mirrors...

I'm basically talking about PHP and MySQL.  Although almost everybody
uses them, there's always been the choice of avoiding them for the
FreeBSD website, and to maintain backwards compatibility there shouldn't
be the need now.

The website as it is right now is very lightweight and easy to mirror
(just a cvsup and a make once a day), and it only consists of static
html pages, giving it a very small footprint even on small servers.


Massimiliano Stucchi

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