Sander Vesik wrote:
On 5/29/05, Roger 'Rocky' Vetterberg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

And, if I understood it correctly, he was not requesting an
immediate change to the webpage. He stepped up and announced a
*will* to change it, and was asking for feedback and thoughts.
When the community, ie advocacy@, approves of his work and agrees
on a actual website change, then it would be time to involve the
webmasters (they are of course welcome to join the discussion
earlier if they so wish).

This is *UTTER* crap. he is talking about a simple issue with the web
pages and one for which channels for cahnge already exist. There is no
point in even talking about the "community" on advocacy approving
anything about the web pages before there is in fact a community on
advocacy@ and it has establshed an ability and will for looking at web
page issue. And even so, this would *NOT* fal lunder that even then.

Since this discussion arises almost on a monthly basis on advocacy@, I think we can safely say that a will to change the current website clearly exists. Likewise, a will *not* to change the website also exists, since posts like yours above always manages to kill any attempts to do so. And please stop refering to it as an "issue". There are no issues or problems you can point your finger at here. He proposed a new *design* of the webpage, and I cant think of a better place to ask then advocacy, since it is in fact the public image of FreeBSD as a whole we are talking about.

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