Sander Vesik wrote:
On 5/31/05, Roger 'Rocky' Vetterberg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Since this discussion arises almost on a monthly basis on
advocacy@, I think we can safely say that a will to change the
current website clearly exists. Likewise, a will *not* to change
the website also exists, since posts like yours above always
manages to kill any attempts to do so.

No. By and far (with admitedly small exceptions), there is will to
endlesslessly talk about the web page and changing it and far less to
actually do anything.

And you know this how? I can assure you that we are quite a few people that are already working on improving the website. The "hostility", in lack of a better word, has convinced atleast me to do my work in the silent untill I have enough content to show to not have to deal with all the "show us the code" zealots.
And I know that there are several others doing similar work.

And please stop refering to it as an "issue". There are no issues
or problems you can point your finger at here. He proposed a new
*design* of the webpage, and I cant think of a better place to

No he didn't - he pointed out that some links on the page - refering
to bitdefender -  were wrong. Did you actualy read his mail?

Yes, here you are correct, I confused this thread with another similar thread running at the same time. My bad, I apologize.

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