Peter Kieser wrote:
> Hello,
> #freebsd on DALnet is a HELP channel? Last I checked if you ask a
> question in there you get your head flamed off.
> Probably better to advocate one of the friendlier IRC help channels
> (#freebsd on
> --Peter
> Chris wrote:
>> This may or may not fit within the rhelm of Advo - but allow me to
>> extend to the folks of the list that at least on DALNet, there is
>> #FreeBSD and #FreeBSDHelp there to lend help to users and promote the
>> ideas of the OS.
>> Of course for our folks that are into OpenBSD and NetBSD, there are
>> channels there too.
>> I'm hoping to have the FBSD website turn around what it has when it come
>> to FreeBSD on IRC.
>> Feel free to hop on by and sit a spell.
>> If this in no way pertains to Advo - I apologize now for taking up
>> bandwidth.

While it's true anyone can flame anybody - we in the channel do have
some easy things to follow before asking. In the topic it refers to
seeking the Handbook, /usr/ports/updating & /usr/src/updating.

Many users after reading such topics generally find that it's not much
to ask that they do a few things on ones own. I have been in that
channel for over a year, and while it's certainly try that does and can
happen - it's generally warranted.

Just my point of view. And as I mentioned, we ARE working to correct the
image that is mentioned on the FBSD site.

So please - don't presumably shut it down when you may not have been
there in some time.

Best regards,

When the government bureau's remedies do not match your
problem, you modify the problem, not the remedy.
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