> While it's true anyone can flame anybody - we in the channel do have
> some easy things to follow before asking. In the topic it refers to
> seeking the Handbook, /usr/ports/updating & /usr/src/updating.
> Many users after reading such topics generally find that it's not much
> to ask that they do a few things on ones own. I have been in that
> channel for over a year, and while it's certainly try that does and can
> happen - it's generally warranted.
> Just my point of view. And as I mentioned, we ARE working to correct the
> image that is mentioned on the FBSD site.

You'll never remove razor sharp wit.

> So please - don't presumably shut it down when you may not have been
> there in some time.
> -- 
> Best regards,
> Chris

What's the benefit of FreeBSD.org removing what they said? more traffic? People
responding on the mailing lists to problems is much more beneficial. People can
then search their problems!

                - Liam J. Foy
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