Andrew L. Gould wrote:
On Monday 20 June 2005 07:37 pm, Roger 'Rocky' Vetterberg wrote:

Fafa Hafiz Krantz wrote:

FreeBSD is a typical system driven by technical people.

Clearly its weakest point.

Once again, that depends on your audience. If you ask me, its one
of FreeBSD's strongest points.
Im one of those "technical people", and the main reason I like
BSD is that its not "dumbed down". It does require atleast a
minimal amount of clue, and it does not take for granted that the
user is an idiot.


I am not one of the those technical people. From a non-tech's viewpoint, it is a demanding operating system; but I am a more competent and more responsible computer user for the trouble. Maybe that's a good point to explore: convenience rarely breeds responsibility. (What's the line from spiderman?..."with great power comes great responsibility"?) Put another way: The best things in life are earned.

Fafa, Roger is right about analyzing/choosing your audience. If your audience would be truly interested in FreeBSD, don't underestimate them (but make sure to provide a list of references for further reading). If they need the discussion "dumbed down", your probably wasting both your time and theirs.

I could be completely wrong; but that's my 2 cents.

Andrew Gould

If they need the discussion "dumbed down", then FreeBSD is probably not for them. Im not saying FreeBSD should *try* to make things harder, but it most certainly should not try to simplify things to the extreme. There are enough os's doing that already.

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