Julian H. Stacey wrote:
I feel the handbook could be made clearer in some areas, but I
believe it is good in general.

( This Not directed at sender above, so sender's name omitted, but the above
  is a mild example of much worse noise from other hollow vessels on this list.
  If it doesn't help practical advocacy, a posting belongs to
  freebsd-chat@freebsd.org , not advocacy@ , please more subscribe chat@ )

Julian, since you go out on a rampage everytime anyone posts something on advocacy@, I just have to ask; what, in your opinion, would be ok to discuss on this mailinglist? Clearly, improving the website or writing new documentation does not qualify in your eyes, so Im kind of curious on exactly how you define advocacy?

FreeBSD.org describes advocacy@ as:
"Furthering the Use of FreeBSD
Share ideas and plan to increase the number of companies and individuals using FreeBSD". The original poster had an idea that he thought could increase the number of FreeBSD users, as well as allowing it to target new usergroups. If that does not fit the description, I dont know what does.


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