Hey everyone,

I know there are losts of talks back and forth about updating the FreeBSD
marketing material but if there is anything that I can use right now I would
really like it if someone pointed me in that direction. 

The reason:

I am currently a member of the CDW advisory board. Within this board we discuss
topics that influence CDW's decisions. Also, CDW has created a community for
Network Engineers to learn from one another. Currently this board consist of
serveral hundred advosors from various companies with 60,000+ employees. Well
just recently someone posted a paper on how to create a low cost web server
solution using Linux. And he rambled on about how the GNU License is free, blah,
blah, ... Linux is so powerful, blah, blah.

Now I know Linux is viable solution, but I know that FreeBSD can do what Linux
does better, faster and truly FREE !!! So I want to post and article that
Highlights FreeBSD as a better solution for low cost high availability networks.
I believe this is an opportunity to influence the big boys.

Any Thoughts?


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