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> > Maybe you can start, The Queer-Eye for the BSD-Guy.
> If thats what it takes to get FreeBSD out of obscurity and into the 
> enterprise then yes I will, just look at what apple did with BSD and 
> mozilla did with firefox, I don't want to see FreeBSD (or the other 
> BSDs) die into obscurity as I really like them.

I think there's more FreeBSD installations than Apple installations,
way, way more.  Obscurity is in the eye of the beholder.  And talk is
cheap.  The FreeBSD documentation team has already asked the FreeBSD
community to do a site redesign, see here:


Nobody has stepped up to do it.  Since your so hot to redesign the
site why don't you e-mail them and get going on doing it instead of
talking about it?

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