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Dag-Erling Smørgrav wrote:

Responding to Chris: CSS is neither outdated nor a Windows thing.  You
apparently need to get an extra clue or two before you rejoin this

Not really - Some years back MS made a big issue about CSS. It was
then that I lost interest in web devel. Besides - web devel isn't my
bag, so I really don't think that I need to have or get a clue.

CSS is a W3 standard, but was originally designed by the CTO of Opera
Software, a company which is one of Microsoft's more vocal detractors
and which recently received a large settlement in a lawsuit regarding
Microsoft's (alleged) intentional efforts to make their website render
poorly in Opera's browser.  IE handles CSS1 badly, and CSS2 almost not
at all.  Calling it a Windows thing severely misrepresents the facts.

One does not need to know how to rebuild an engine to know how to
drive the car.

One should not criticize the design of an engine while vehemently
claiming to have no interest in how enginges are built.


Technically - I didn't criticize. Allow me to post verbatim;

"CSS? Isnt that a bit outdated? Isnt that more a Windows thing?"

Doesn't look like it to me - looks more like a query or two.
But that's just me tho - perhaps you read something else?

Perhaps too much eggnog? Perhaps not enough?

Best regards,

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