Hi everyone,

I have heard several times at meetings and forums, users talking about what new
features should be implemented into FreeBSD. And every time I hear them I tell
them, "Well tell the FreeBSD Community."
And they ask how.

So I searched on the FreeBSD website and I could not find how one would be able
to submit a Request for Enhancement.
Why not create a RFE database similar to the Bug Buster and implement this along
side. This way the FreeBSD community can see what the users and companies want
FreeBSD to do for them. Sometimes a users may have a very creative idea but does
not posses the skills required to implement the solution.

Now, if this implemented somehow already, I would really appreciate a pointer to
the correct location so that I can update others and myself. Or if this is not
the coorect mailing list, please suggest which mailing list I should send this 

Pablo Delgado

I would send a PR with change-request class if I had a new idea to implement. E.g. I've sent a PR with a patch to implement
EXTPORTSDIR macro in /usr/src/release/Makefile.


Gábor Kövesdán
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