Scott Long wrote:
> Julian H. Stacey wrote:
> > Release Engineers,
> > + Various CCs
> > Is there a draft FreeBSD-6 release announcement please, 
> > to base a 2 page magazine article on ?  I only know of:
> >
> >    -->     etc, &
> >    6.0-BETA3 /usr/src/UPDATING with eg
> >     "FreeBSD 6.x has many debugging features turned on" etc
> >   
> > A German magazine, FreeX (ed. Rosa Riebl cc'd) asked Ernst Winter (cc'd)
> > for someone who could write a 2 page article on features new to FreeBSD 6.
> > Anyone been assembling similar material for other countries/ languages ?
> > No point duplicating effort.
> > 
> > Once we have raw material, there are native German speaking BSD users
> > on national & Berkeley In Munich mail lists.
> We don't usually write the release announcements until right before the
> release.  I'd be happy to provide material for someone writing an 
> article, though.
> Scott

Thanks Scott.
PS for readers of list advocacy@
        Reason you didnt see my original post (which Scott luckily
        quoted in full) was a temporary addressing problem my end).
2 possibilities:
- Recruit an English writer from list on header here,
  based on English text & translate. or ..
- Recruit a German writer, (My written German grammar is too horrible), 
  eg from Lists:
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I'm a member of bim@ & could relay to bim@ if you want.
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