I just wanted to make a note - in the past I pushed that FreeBSD on IRC
is a good place for users to seek help - Well, I have been proven wrong.

While it's true there MAY be a few decent IRC channels that actually
offer help with FreeBSD, I can now say that I was wrong to assume that
the majority of FBSD channels on IRC offer any type of FBSD help or even
care if they offer help.

While I can't speak for EFNet, UnderNet and FreeNode - I can say for
sure that there are certain channels on DALNet that are NOT help channels.

While there are some decent users on IRC networks overall, it really
comes down to the management. And in the end - it's the management that
makes the channel.

Best regards,

The light at the end of the tunnel can be a helluva
nuisance, especially if your're using the tunnel
as a darkroom.
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