Nicole, you're too emotional, I think. Nobody's gonna force you to make new tattoo. Nobody's even gonna force you to use the logo, if you dislike it.

But IMO this funny red ball _r_e_a_l_l_y_ looks more attractive for newbies. At least, my co-workers (average PC users) have found it "friendly" and "intriguing", even "sexy".

There's enough place for sysadmins-"old salts" with Beastie tattoos, who, in fact, prefer FreeBSD not because of its "visual identity" at all. But heading towards FreeBSD as a popular desktop/home OS we must propose to the masses something shiny and sophisticated.

Hey, Beastie is still here ;)

Best regards,
Alaksiej Carniajeu /AC

Nicole wrote:

On 03-Nov-05 My Homeland Security "observers" reported that Chad Gross said:
I am glad I am not the only one. This logo is in no way, shape, or
form better for FreeBSD compared to the last logo. I mean honestly. I
am a marketing professional and I do not see the "progress" either. I
too enjoy the advancement of FreeBSD when it is actual progress. And I
agree with the above poster, does the logo really need changing? Maybe
it just needs some new marketers... I mean a Fedora, a Penguin, and a
Gecko have been working for Linux. And as a Christian I don't feel
that the old logo was offensive either. At least it had character.
Anyway, just an opinion of a user since 4.0.

Chad M. Gross
Executive Team Trainer

I prefer the old "logo" even if it wasn't truly a logo, but a mascot as
someone said. It had more character and could be regognized even in outline
form. Yes it wasn't as "friendly" as the Linux penquin and some with narrow
minds had issues with it, but this doesn't compare to either. It's the BSD
version of "new coke".

What was wrong with the new happier friendly looking beastie?

Nicole (user since 2.6)
 Who has a BSD tatoo and I really can't see anyone to getting a tatoo of this
new "logo"
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