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never mind, I just made one so go sign it!!!

I've signed it and posted it to a Hungarian open-source community, but
I think it would be nice if somebody from the doc team can add it to
the news on the website, so I cc'd freebsd-doc@, I hope this helps
geting Adobe to release a working Flash for FreeBSD.


Gabor Kovesdan

Not to rain on the parade, but since when has one of those online
petitions done any good?

It may be trivial but at least I did something to rectify it. Talking
about are problems will get us nowhere unless we also do. Do you have
a better plan of action?

The problem is, anyone can sign a petition, even those that don't, nor will ever, use the software, which is what makes them meaningless :(

You really need to get someone on the inside that is using FreeBSD and push from that direction ... unless its a product you can pay for, and then you make the dollars speak for you ...

What about the FreeBSD Foundation ... maybe something that they can organize?

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