Andrew Pantyukhin wrote:

On 4/10/06, Jeff Cross <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I wonder what got Linux on board?

Well, what do you think? Do you think Microsoft paid Macromedia
to include the player in Win98 or do you think Macromedia paid
through the nose to get there?

I think much effort should be spent to make hardware companies
open specs. The open source world should make it clear that it is
only to their benefit. Legislature should be encouraged. As for
software technologies like flash - I think they are great. And while
I might even donate a few bucks for them to be available in
FreeBSD, but I really think that time should better be spent trying
to develop SVG and such so we can forget about the proprietary
hell we're stumbling upon every other day.

Sounds like your expecting expecting Macromedia to open source their flash work, this is never going to happen while it makes them money.

While I am sure Macromedia want to have flash player anywhere they can where its sure to return a profit for them I think your to far away in some ideal world to believe that Macromedia would spend maybe more then 50k a year to provide top notch flash support on FreeBSD when I am quite sure they would be thinking the actual amount of users will probably be around 5,000 who would use their FreeBSD pc as their most common multimedia enabled browser.

I still think that a certain amount of money could be offered to Macromedia to port the linux version to FreeBSD even it was just a very occasional binary release, just having any binary module that is even not the latest would make a world of difference. This seems like a very realistic goal to me. As some companies who have created binary stuff for FreeBSD such as the Zend PHP encoder seem to work on a policy of doing a bit but not as much as they probably could, I am still using FreeBSD 4.x compat4 binary compatibility package so I can use the Zend PHP optimizer/encoder to encode PHP work on a FreeBSD 6 machine.


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