User Freebsd wrote:
Who *big* recognizes FreeBSD as a viable operating system, at least openly?

When PHK asked the FreeBSD community to donate USD16,500-33000 so he could spend 3-6 months working regular hours on FreeBSD, Pair Networks ( donated USD20,000.

I don't know if that's "recognition as viable" or not, but businesses generally don't give $20k to anyone without a reasonable expectation of a solid return on investment.

Hell, how many ppl are still running 3.x or 4.x systems, vs the newer stuff?

I have a few systems running the "final" RELENG_4. These are only doing so because they're internal file or mail servers on older hardware. They're stable, problem free and have low exposure with no applicable security flaws. I can't justify depriving a business of critical IT services for the several hours it will take to do the rebuild.
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