Charles A. Landemaine wrote:

Please add a comment in this blog thread to ask for Adobe Flash
developper to support FreeBSD and not just Linux :)

I think he is the only developper working on a Flash Plugin for Unix.

The truth is I have often believed that over a long enough time line FreeBSD would have better driver/program support for the hard things like high end video cards and flash players compared to Linux simply because it doesn't have the greed fueled license gremlins. Sadly this hasn't really eventuated. You can often see the true nature of Linux when you do things like try to load a non GPL kernel module (such as the BSD IPFilter) and it errors and comes back with "You have tried to load a non GPL kernel module into the Linux kernel"

Well this is what I said even if its a bit over the top and I can't imagine everyone seeing it like I do.

To bad there isn't a FreeBSD port, unlike Linux GPL where binary programs like the Linux Flash player are purely a GPL violation where Linux has just chosen to turn a blind eye to, with FreeBSD its a single complete operating system that suffers no distro variation hell and encourages private binary programs such as a flash player because of its truly free no strings attached legal problem free license, BSD. The truth is doing a flash player on Linux over BSD is absolute true madness. Professional companies like Apple understand license issues far better and that’s why they are even happy to make the core of their operating system based from FreeBSD.

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