Marc G. Fournier <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
 > At only 5000 hosts, I wouldn't be basing any decisions anyway ... I'd like 
 > to see 10x that number, and consistently, every month before reading *too* 
 > much into them ...
 > Its only been running about 30 days so far, so @ 5k hosts so far, and most 
 > of those *since* Sept 1st, it shouldn't take us too long ...

By the way, I've got a small question.  Does the database
throw all entries away at the end of each month, and start
all over again with zero entries?  Or is each entry expired
after a certain time has elapsed (31 days or whatever)?

I just noticed that "PC-BSD" is mentioned as separate OS in
the statistics now.  I think it would be better to count it
for FreeBSD instead, because PC-BSD (similar to FreeSBIE)
is just a standard FreeBSD kernel + userland, plus some
gadgets on top (GUI installer or live FS, respectively).

In fact, I think that mentioning too many different BSD
variants is counter-productive against the goals of the
project.  The main goal is to provide numbers to vendors
and manufacturers, in order to get better support.
However, mentioning a dozen different BSD variants will
likely turn them away.

Therefore I propose that only the "big four" are mentioned
explicitely on the homepage, and all the rest be counted
as "others" or similar.

Just my 2 Euro cents.

Best regards

Oliver Fromme,  secnetix GmbH & Co. KG, Marktplatz 29, 85567 Grafing
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