Sorry to reply twice, not sure if that’s really annoying to people or if I’m just being paranoid.

This post actually did get me thinking about a longtime frustration with one aspect of the whole Linux vs. UNIX thing. First let me say that I’m a real novice user so I hope this isn't something that has been talked to death and resolved.

One problem when comparing FreeBSD to most of the Linux distributions is that they are in fact, distributions of an operating system and FreeBSD is an operating system. So when you look at fedora for example the fedora team can choose to use GNOME over other desktop environments, and bundle commonly used software like firefox and openoffice. When fedora does this it is a very reasonable and responsible thing for them to do, as they are marketing themselves toward the desktop world. On the other hand FreeBSD can not make those same decisions, and if they did it would be counter productive to all their users, even those currently using GNOME, firefox and openoffice. Until very recently the comparison (from a PC end user’s point of view) of FreeBSD vs. any Linux was apples and oranges. Now we have pcbsd, desktopbsd and a few others that are really ‘distributions’ in the same fashion as fedora is.

Does anyone have suggestions for how a non-technical user of FreeBSD can help contribute to the community with a focus on the “distributions”? Is there anyone doing side by side comparisons of these packaged solutions that use FreeBSD?

Kevin (kevlar)

From: "FreeBSD Sucks" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: Why FreeBSD sucks Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 18:15:39 -0600

I have been a strong FreeBSD supporter for some time. Unfortunetly FreeBSD has turned into one of the shitiest unix variants out there today. I had a server that would not run FreeBSD properly forcing me to use Windows or Linux. After having to deal with what I used to consider sub-par operating systems I bought a new workstation so that I could once again run FreeBSD as my workstation. But much to my suprise FreeBSD crashes on install because of various usb / sata / etc issues. Of course Windows and Linux install and run fine.

What are you people doing to this operating system? I mean you cant even run on a fuqn Dell? Seriously, Linux used to suck and now they are kicking your ass. Step it up! This is a very sad day for me, I will no longer run freebsd .. as a workstation, server, paper weight. Not by choice either, but because the OS cant handle complicated and cutting edge technology like USB .. ohhhh .. or hard drives .oohhhhh

I have defended this operating system long enough. I'm over it, I'm tired of hacking other peoples code just to get shit to compile, let alone actually run.

Windows:  Where do you want to go today?
Linux:    Where do you want to go tomorrow?
FreeBSD:  Dee Da Dee! (seg fault)

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