Anyone know of a pre- ready presentation for Alternatives To Microsoft ?

I've been asked to give a presentation (in English) to a bunch of
engineers in Munich end of Jan 2007.  On the basis "A good engineer
is a lazy engineer",  I'm asking before I write my own.

I am _Not_ inviting a long thread, to rehash old well worn opinions
of PD src/ etc.  It'd bore me silly to read, let alone respond ;-)
& be very inefficient & achieve nothing useful to me.  I have decades
of experience as an engineer & with Unix/BSD & have a BSD group
here to back me up with ideas & criticism verbally & localy, faster,
more efficient than typing etc :-)

What I don't have, but seek is a set of beamer slides I could
leverage from to save me time. (BTW I could equally leverage from
German or perhaps French slides if existant). I could also leverage
from a linux based slide set prob faster than starting from scratch,
or at least for inspiration.

Anyone know of a similar presention pre-exisiting, Re. Unix that I
could leverage from (& give credit to) ?  Of course if I have to
write my own, I'll make mine public on web for others to leverage

I'll probably use a beamer with /usr/ports/misc/magicpoint unless
advised better ? (I dont fancy open office bloat to show
.pps, & dont particularly want to learn how to prepare .pps slides,
(though I'll probably show a few .pss) from a different topic to show that
power point presentations are also showable under BSD.

I've bcc'd this to Berkeley In Munich where
Ernst has volunteered to help me, & others welcome too, but prob.
best focus short discussion searching for URLs for now via list, Then later, nearer date doubtless
some local mail to BIM's list.

URLs to presentations welcome. Thanks

Julian Stacey.  BSD Unix C Net Consultancy, Munich/Muenchen
Mail Ascii, not HTML.           Ihr Rauch = mein allergischer Kopfschmerz.
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