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> > drivers.)  For those of us using FreeBSD, there's not a substantial
> > advantage to proprietary linux drivers over proprietary Windows drivers.
> We
> > go unsupported either way.
> >
> >
> Hmm, well I would hope that they would use hardware with open source
> drivers only, in which case, yes, FreeBSD would be able to take
> advantage. Even if, say, the OSD's are GPL'ed, that would at least
> allow BSD users to inquire as to the specs from the OSD developers.
> Jeff
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The survey is asking "What OS do you want pre-installed?" - it is not asking
"Do you want open source drivers". If we choose an OS that "might" be able to
get the binary globs removed and use the source instead, then in my opinion, we
are playing games with the survey that may not actually end up with us getting
something we can use in FreeBSD.

By contrast, if enough people vote for FreeBSD, then dell might actually offer
to install FreeBSD.

Stop right there. Dell has already decided to go with Linux and
they've stated "we can only support one distribution", this survey is
to decide which distribution gets preinstalled and supported. I
repeat, the decision to go with Linux has already been made, get this
through your heads and stop barking up the wrong tree! If you want
FreeBSD preinstalled then go to this tree and bark it up:
freebsd-advocacy@freebsd.org mailing list
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