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> Betreff: Re: Translating LPI certifications for FreeBSD

> > I am in the process of translating the objectives of the Linux
> > Professional Institute certifications to FreeBSD topics.
> [...snip...]
> > You can help me if you complete and correct the tools
> > and files that will be listed as important for each of the
> > objectives.
> You might want to check out: www.bsdcertification.org

I know bsdcertification.org . I follow this program since they
went public. 

And I don't want to make a competition to bsdcertification.org.

But instead this "porting" of LPI to *BSD should show side by side
which tasks in Linux you can accomplish how in the various BSD systems.
So, not a competition but a completion.

And as I wrote I want to bring the various communities together.

I thank you for your link, the above explanations are for making it clearer.


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