Dan Langille wrote:
On 6 Apr 2007 at 11:25, Kevin Kinsey wrote:

Robert Watson wrote:
Now would be a great time to do some articles on this, speaking of which. :-) Pawel's e-mail doesn't make a great start for an advocacy piece because it fails to say what's good/important about ZFS, so the first task is to figure that out and construct a news article along these lines. For example, it has volume-management, self-healing, and the word "enterprise" can be tossed in easily.

And "huge capacity".  Well, 'tis definitely a Good Friday, then :-)

HEADS-UP: Slashdotted. We'll see if they post (dunno why they wouldn't).

Get it posted elsewhere first. Then /. is more likely to pick it up. Try BSDNews, OSNews, etc.

Already on those two.  BSDNews dated today, no timestamp.  OSNews
about the same time as I hit /. -- of course, "still pending" there.


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