Wednesday, September 19, 2007
Updates from FreeBSD

FreeBSD mentored 25 students this year, achieving a fantastic final
success rate of 92%. Murray Stokely, one of their organization
administrators, has written a more detailed summary of FreeBSD's 2007
Summer of Code experience, but here are a few highlights:

During the first Summer of Code in 2005, Ivan Voras worked for the
first time with FreeBSD on implementing a journaling storage system.
You can read more about that project in Dr. Dobb's Journal. In 2006,
Ivan returned to work on the storage visualization layer. This year he
turned his attention to FreeBSD's graphical installation tools and
finstall project involved making a number of improvements to livecd
support and FreeBSD base system utilities. Ivan also produced a full
graphical installer, including complete ISO images for users.

In addition to successfully finishing his FreeBSD on MacBook project,
Rui Paulo has just become the newest developer with full commit access
to the FreeBSD source code repository. This summer Rui developed a
number of new device drivers and submitted several important bug fixes
to make it easier to run FreeBSD on MacBook hardware.

Zhouyi Zhou wrote a logging and test case framework for the FreeBSD
Mandatory Access Control Framework, designed to test the correct
passing of the security label from userland to kernel and the
non-bypassibility of Mandatory Access Control Hooks. His work
identified two security vulnerabilities which were promptly fixed.

We've only highlighted a few of the FreeBSD projects here, and we
would love to hear more from the community about their favorite
FreeBSD projects from Summer of Code 2007 or years past. Post a
comment and share your thoughts with us.

Congratulations to all of FreeBSD's mentors and students, as well as
the FreeBSD community, for their third year of successful
participation in Summer of Code!

Note: Murray Stokely is a Google employee as well as a committer for
the FreeBSD project.

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